“The Colombian Connection” (Chapter 2)

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, millions of I’m SORRY!!!!!!! Sabrán disculparme por no haber creado la entrada antes??? Perdón chicos!!! Ahora, para compensar semejante falta les voy a tener que subir la nota a todos!!!!!!!! Bueno, dejen acá los comentarios sobre el Chapter 2!!! Y los grupos que ya los enviaron, no hay problema, ya están en mi poder!!! See you tomorrow at school!!!


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  1. Franco Barezzi
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 23:23:45

    Chapter 2: “Introducing Mr. Charlie”

    In this chapter, Kay met Andy Lopez in the Beckman Tower. They talked about Drug´s Business. He said her that he had some valuable information, so he asked her ten thousand dolars. However, she game him only two thousand dolars. Although he wasn´t very happy. He let her know about that important information. She knew about his notebook and the misterious man, who sold drugs in New York. He was Mr. Charlie.
    She arranged to Andy for giving the entire notebook, so she would had the rest of the money. He was an important deal. She really needed the notebook, which had names, dates, addresses, and numbers


  2. Magalí, Florencia, Agustina T, Lihue.
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 21:33:57

    Chapter 2: “Introducing Mr. Charlie”

    Kat met with Mr. Lopez in the Beekman Tower. He was a small thin man about thirty years old. He had a cigarette.
    A man called Frank were drug addict. Lopez worked for the NDC. He were one of their agents. He had valuable infomation for She. She wanted this information.
    He knew a lot of people in the drugs business. And He know his name. They call him Mr. Charlie, but that’s not real name. He were a business man. Mr. Chalie owns a big business in the States. His workers make the Coca into Cocaine. They sell it on the streets of New York..


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