“Present Simple or Present Continuous?” (Activity)

Watch the videos for the “Present Simple” and “Present Continuous”. Once you watch them, do the following activity. You have to write your answers as a comment and you only have to write the number of sentence and the right option: A or B. Good luck!!! 

Choose the correct form of the verb:

1. I always ________ before I go to sleep.
  a. am reading
  b. read

2. She ________ French, but she doesn’t speak Italian. 
  a. speaks
  b. is speaking

3. She ________ right now.
  a. speaks
  b. is speaking

4. Next week we ________ to the theater.
  a. go
  b. are going

5. (Generally) I ________ Mexican food.
  a. love
  b. am loving

6. How do you feel? I ________ great!
  a. am feeling
  b. feel

7. Listen – I ________ to explain this to you.
  a. am trying
  b. try

8. Tomorrow I ________ to see my friend.
  a. am going
  b. go

9. Where is she now? She ________ home.
  a. walks
  b. is walking

10. How does she usually get to work? She ________. 
  a. is walking
  b. walks


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